Dan Bongino And Tucker Get A Laugh Pointing Out The Irony Of Hillary’s Newfound ‘Warrior Against Corruption’ Identity

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Fox News contributor Dan Bongino poked fun at former  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s newfound identity as a “warrior against corruption.”

In a CBS interview set to run Sunday morning, Clinton said losing to President Donald Trump was like losing to a “corrupt human tornado.”

Appearing with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the former Secret Service agent got a laugh out of pointing out the irony behind the label.


“Hillary Clinton, corruption fighter, Tucker,” Bongino mocked. “Warrior against corruption. Hillary Clinton — get your berries here.”

Pulling out a yellow football flag prop, Bongino tossed a “penalty flag” on Clinton for “illegal procedure.”

“Now what’s the genesis of this,” he said. “She claims Donald Trump … is a corrupt human tornado. So I don’t like writing notes for the segment, but when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s corruption, you need some notes.”

The Fox News contributor listed several Clinton scandals, including Uranium 1, the Clinton Foundation, and the Rose Law Firm. (RELATED: Dan Bongino Rips Brian Stelter’s ‘Tech Difficulties’ Excuse After Stelter Doesn’t Challenge Guest’s Trump, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Comparison)

“Hillary, just a note, you may just want to sit this one out,” said Bongino. “I’m just saying. Pro tip on that.”

“I think that’s probably pretty good advice,” said Carlson, laughing.

“Hillary Clinton, corruption fighter, who knew, right?” Bongino exclaimed.

The former Secret Service agent’s “special award” in the segment went to California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for “best dramatic retelling of a Democrat’s fake news hoax” for reinventing “the entire transcript in the Ukraine call.”