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Afternoon Mirror: Male Journo Says He Looked Like He Was Leaking From His Nipples

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“At a restaurant in New York’s Upper Westside, the couple beside me went from the husband unloading on the wife about how much he hated Trump & could at least respect Bush to the wife threatening the husband over how many books he has and that it’s bankrupting them. Really wild.”

Ryan James Girdusky, New York political correspondent, One America News Network, dining at Lady Gaga‘s restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, Thursday night. He said the food was “meh.”

More wild: “Completing the night is that I stained my shirt and used Tide to go, making it looked like I’m leaking from my nipples… you’re welcome everyone.” — Girdusky.

MOOD: “We have one question: Where in the hell is the Republican Party? Now is not the time to fold and go cold!” — Diamond and Silk, pro-Trump cheerleaders.

Like meet this, like, airport observer 

“I’m pretty sure the girl near me at the airport has said ‘like’ at least 56 times in like the last 5 minutes.” — Cameron Cawthorne, media writer, Washington Free Beacon.

Politico has a temporary personality transplant

Since when does Politico run a non-PC headline like this?!?!

Read the story by EIC John Harris here. (RELATED: Fired Politico Employee Ambushes Politico Editor At A Nats Game)

This is how it looks now…

Christian Datoc, audience development, The Daily Caller: “POLITICO WHY DID YOU CHANGE THE HEADLINE IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE?”

Washington Free Beacon‘s Brent Scher: “I thought the Fucknutsville headline was good.”

Scalise ditches his cane

“Complete side note: Steve Scalise is walking on the house floor without the help of a cane. Pretty remarkable given where he was 2 years ago.” — Jake Sherman, Politico Playbook writer.”

D.C.’s Nostradamus makes a prediction 

“Normally IC whistleblowers really do face the prospect of retaliation. This time, I suspect once the whistleblower’s identity is known, he will be celebrated as a hero by the resistance, offered a cushy tv contract and headline gala dinners for the next 20 years.” — Eli Lake, columnist, Bloomberg Opinion.


“After I published the blog post about Uber, there was a solid year of people trying to dig up dirt on me. It was exhausting and, frankly, terrifying. Well, it looks like it is starting up again, in advance of my book coming out in a few months. …I’m not surprised – there are a lot of powerful people and institutions who are afraid of what I have to say. But like, come on. We *just* did this. I’m tired. If you wanna know something, just ask. I’m honestly too tired to care anymore. …Like, I will do an AMA and literally tell you any and all dirt I have on myself. That’s the level of how tired I am of this crap right now.”

Susan Fowler, writer, editor, New York Times Opinion section.

Fowler blew the whistle on the alleged sexual harassment and retaliation she experienced while working as an entry-level engineer at Uber. Her book, Whistle Blower: My Journey To Silicon Valley And Fight For Justice At Uber, comes out in 2020.

CNNer goes after Fox News 

“It’s honestly impossible to adequately explain in a tweet, in a story, in a cable news segment how deranged Fox prime time has become. Totally untethered from reality.” — Oliver Darcy, media writer, CNN.

Journo eats pizza for breakfast, needs nap 

“I ate 4 slices of leftover pizza for breakfast and now I need a food nap but it’s time for work.” — Taylor Lorenz, reporter, NYT. (Newly Hired NYT Reporter Gets Accused Of Fabricating Accusation Against New York Post Reporter)

Gossip Roundup 

ABC “The View’s” Meghan McCain: “I can’t stand Adam Schiff. He’s the worst kind of partisan in Washington.”

ABC “The View’s” Sunny Hostin: “Adam Schiff is the man. He is fantastic.”

Meghan McCain (self-inflated): “With all due respect he doesn’t need you, he needs me.”

Trump enemy Bette Midler hopes whistleblower is not female 

“I pray the whistleblower isn’t a woman. The smears, the threats and slime the GOP will throw at the whistleblower will be horrible, but it will be even more horrendous if it’s a woman because of the uncontrollable misogyny that is the lifeblood of Trump and his acolytes.” — Bette Midler, actress, singer. (Journalists Thump Trump For Calling Bette Midler A ‘Psycho’)

Rob Reiner, Hollywood filmmaker, actor: “Rarely do you have the criminal say: ‘Look at me! I’m committing a crime! And now watch me cover it up!’ Only a fucking moron has that unique talent.”

Ellen‘s producer needs your help: “I’m on day 2 of no JUUL. Can someone come to my house and read the whistleblower complaint to me since I can’t see straight and feel like I want to tear my skin off?” — Andy Lassner.

Evergreen: “If Rudy Giuliani’s family loves him, they will get him help now. Not tomorrow. Now.” — Elise Jordan, political analyst, NBC News, MSNBC.

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