Do You Have A Need For Speed? Get This Hoverboard On Sale For 50% Off

Emily Lynch Contributor
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Do you have a need for speed?  If your answer is yes, then this is the product for you!  Today only, the Braha/Kowheel Hoverboard 3.0 is on sale for $99.99!  This self-balancing hoverboard is coated with a matte finish and LED galaxy light-up wheels that will turn heads as you ride by.  The long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery provides you with up to seven miles riding distance and fast travel times of seven miles per hour.  However, with all of that speed you need to make sure you are balanced and safe.  Luckily, the Active Balance Technology unique to this hoverboard ensures the built-in sensors will keep you stable while you ride.


(Photo Via Amazon)

(Photo Via Amazon)

The Braha/Kowheel Hoverboard 3.0 with LED Lights is now $100.00 off for today only with free Prime shipping 

Make sure to take advantage of this great deal and get this hoverboard today!  However, it is on sale for today only , so make sure you grab yours as soon as possible!

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