Ron Artest Says LeBron James Was Dominating NBA Players As A High School Kid

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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LeBron James was already apparently better than most NBA stars as a young kid.

According to Ron Artest during a conversation for the Players’ Tribune, King James was “embarrassing” NBA superstars as a sophomore in high school when he showed up to a pickup game against the likes of Michael Finley, Jerry Stackhouse and others.

Artest added that LeBron was about 225 pounds already as a sophomore, and was “cooking” the best pros on the planet. (RELATED: Los Angeles Lakers Sign DeMarcus Cousins To 1-Year Contract Worth $3.5 Million)

Watch his full comments below.

Honestly, this isn’t too surprising. If you ever watched the documentary about King James and his life in high school, it was clear as day that he was a force to be reckoned with from day one.

Even as a teenager, the three-time NBA champion was already going to shred NBA players, but doing it as a sophomore is a bit wild. Imagine being barely old enough to drive, and taking it the best basketball players on the planet.

Not other great high school players, but actual NBA superstars.


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I’ve always wondered how young LeBron James could have played in the NBA. From the sounds of it, he could have easily played as a second year high school student.

Stop and think about how crazy that is for a moment. As a young man, LeBron was already able to embarrass guys getting paid millions of dollars.


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We might honestly never see a guy like LeBron James again in our lifetimes. He’s physically unbelievable, and was dominating the best players on the planet as a kid.

It’s truly mind-boggling.