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Baby Mama Says Hunter Biden Came Clean About Being The Daddy

Reuters/Bryan Woolston.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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I’m not sure why the mama of Hunter Biden‘s proclaimed baby born in Arkansas last summer would trust a thing he says at this point.

Has Lunden Roberts, 28, read The New Yorker article?

Biden has a steep history in drug and alcohol abuse that involves stopping off in LA for an alleged crack purchase.

Still, in a new court doc dated Sept. 30, the baby mama claims that Biden, 49, privately admitted to Roberts that he’s the father. Publicly, however, he’s still not copping to it in media requests for comment. He’s got three kids with his ex-wife, Kathleen. He dated his dead brother’s wife, Hallie, for about a year. (Somehow he got his father’s blessing for that one.) He has a new wife, Melissa Cohen, whom he met and married in under a week in May. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Is A Sucker For Love)

The Daily Mail obtained the court docs indicating that the baby mama says Biden admitted privately that he’s the pop. As I’m sure The Daily Mail knows, court docs can say anything the plaintiff wants them to say. So they’re hardly the gospel. It’s not as if a court is saying that Biden stated this in a deposition.

In other Hunter Biden news, he has a huge scandal brewing over his earning $50K a month from Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. The optics are not favorable. More and more it’s looking like younger Biden landed the lucrative job with the power and influence of his father, Joe Biden. (RELATED: Joe Biden Has No Regrets About His Son’s Employment With Ukrainian Company)

Hunter Biden needs a kid like he needs a hole in the head (although, I’m sure the child is adorable and he’d love him or her if he ever admitted the baby was his).

Roberts sued Biden in May for paternity, legal, child and healthcare costs. She wants Biden to submit to DNA testing. Biden, meanwhile, said as recently as August that he is not the child’s father.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt recently discussed the topic of Biden’s alleged love child on his radio program. Lefty journos went wild with disgust. (RELATED: Lefties Go Crazy As Tom Cotton Dishes About Hunter Biden’s Alleged Child)

Cotton claimed the younger Biden has been “dodging the process” back in Arkansas.

The Mirror placed calls to Lunden’s attorney Clint Lancaster and Biden’s lawyer Bart Calhoun.

“He’s unavailable,” a female voice said of Lancaster, adding that she’d relay a message to him.

Similarly, a male voice told me Calhoun was also not available. “I believe he’s currently away from his desk,” the receptionist said and sent me to the attorney’s voicemail.