Beyoncé’s Father, Matthew Knowles, Opens Up About His Fight Against Breast Cancer

(Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

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Beyoncé’s father made a shocking admission about his health.

Matthew Knowles shared his breast cancer diagnosis and his experience sharing the news with his family Wednesday on “Good Morning America,” according to a report published by CNN.

Knowles, 67, went to the doctor after finding a dot of blood on his shirt and bedsheets multiple times. After many tests, the doctors confirmed Knowles had breast cancer.

He also found out he has the BRCA2 gene mutation which leaves him at a high risk for other cancers.

“I have four things to be concerned about: prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma and breast cancer,” he admitted. “The rest of my life I have to be very much aware and conscious and do all of the early detection… for the rest of my life.” (RELATED: Beyoncé And Adele Set To Be Featured In A Song Together)

The first thing Knowles said he did after receiving his diagnosis was call his kids.

“This is genetics,” Knowles said. “It also means that my kids have a higher chance, a higher risk, even my grandkids have a higher risk. And they handled it like they should. They went and got the test.”

Knowles encouraged men, specifically African American men— who have a higher risk of getting breast cancer, to get tested.

“I learned that the numbers that we have for men on breast cancer are not adequate because we don’t have enough men that come forward that take the exam,” Knowles said. “I’m hoping by me coming here today, speaking out, letting folks know that you can survive this, but it has to be early detection. I can’t over emphasize the word ‘early.'”