Jacksonville Jaguars Begin Selling ‘Minshew Mania Mini Pack’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have an awesome ticket promotion package for Gardner Minshew fans.

Fans can get the lowest ticket prices for games against the Saints and Jets, but the package isn’t just about the tickets. (RELATED: Gardner Minshew Dominates In Epic Comeback Against The Broncos As Minshew Mania Grows)

It also includes a bandana, a fake mustache and a photo on the field with your gear.

This right here is genius marketing. This is a next level move by the Jaguars. Minshew Mania has taken the league by storm.

The Jags would be insanely stupid to not capitalize on that fact. The fact he’s also got an epic mustache and wears a bandana makes it an easy sell.

Put the package together, put it on the market and the money will start flowing in.


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As a massive Minshew fan (a solid year ahead of the rest of America), I want to see the seats in the stadium packed with people rocking mustaches and bandanas.

I want them all over the place. If you’re at the game, I expect a fake mustache on your face. It’s that simple. The football gods didn’t bless us with Minshew Mania so that you could dress normally.

Put the fake mustache on, wear the bandana and start slamming cold ones. It’s what Gardner would want from his fans.


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The Jags play the Panthers on Sunday, and you best believe I’ll be locked in and ready to watch. It’s going to be a fun one.

Minshew is probably fixing to throw a dozen touchdowns, and I can’t wait. Bring on the chaos and mania!