Lady Gaga Reveals She’s Naming Her Next Album ‘Adele’

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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Pop singer Lady Gaga had fans confused after she revealed the name of her upcoming album.

Gaga surprised her fans on Tuesday when she announced the name on Twitter, according to a report published by Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m calling my next album ADELE,” she wrote in the tweet.

I am equally as confused as all the other fans on the internet are. Adele is obviously the name of the extremely famous British singer, but now Gaga is naming her album “Adele.” Something seems off here.

People on the internet seemed to think it was bizarre, too.

“WAIT A SEC WHAT!?” a user tweeted alongside a photo of Adele laughing in a surprised way. (RELATED: Lady Gaga Responds To Claim She Stole Part Of ‘Shallow’ From Songwriter)

“Adele coming for a cheque lol,” one user added.

Other fans really are just tired of waiting for the new music.

“Girl, we’d like to call it RELEASED,” one user tweeted.

“Girl stop tweeting about your album and drop it already we are TIRED,” another added.

I’m definitely on the same page as all of the other fans who are tired of waiting patiently for this album. Now, the likelihood that it’s actually named “Adele” is unlikely, but maybe this means we’re getting an Adele and Lady Gaga collaboration.

I mean, we are getting a Beyoncé and Adele song. It’s not that unbelievable.