Yahoo Sports: Wisconsin Football Is Returning To Their Old Form

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Yahoo Sports recently had some high praise for the 2019 Wisconsin Badgers football team.

After a horrific 2018 campaign, the Badgers appear to be back where we want to be and playing old school football. We’re lining up in the trenches, pushing teams around and our defense is bullying the hell out of our opponents. It’s not going unnoticed. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


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Yahoo Sports wrote the following in part about the Badgers returning to prime form:

So far in 2019, coordinator Jim Leonhard’s unit is back on shutdown patrol. The Badgers lead the nation in scoring defense, total defense, rushing defense, pass efficiency defense and yards allowed per play, and Saturday against Northwestern they had two defensive touchdowns. That, in every form and fashion, is more like the Wisconsin we’re used to seeing.

I appreciate the respect from Yahoo Sports, but we really don’t need it. We don’t need it at all, in fact.

Wisconsin has a renegade mentality. We play outside of the rules. We want to be on the fringes of college football.

As a fringe society man, we don’t want the mainstream media shining a light on us. We’ll take care of business our way, and everybody else can just take notes.


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The whole world overlooked us for the past nine months. Why get on the bandwagon now? If you weren’t rocking with us from day one, then what business do you have getting a ticket to the hype train now?

If you weren’t there slugging it out with us last season when things were looking bad, why the hell would I want you with us right now?

Yahoo Sports, I appreciate you guys and I enjoy your work. Having said that, save your admiration for somebody who needs it.

We’re the Wisconsin Badgers. We thrive on going unnoticed. That’s the way it’s been forever, and that’s the way I want it going forward.

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