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Rep. Haley Stevens Screams ‘NRA Has Got To Go’ At A Gun Range

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Jake Dima Contributor
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Democratic Michigan Rep. Haley Stevens fumed with rage Tuesday after hosting a gun violence town hall, screaming, “This is why the NRA has got to go,” in response to pro-gun attendees.

Stevens — along with two other Michigan lawmakers — hosted the 200-person event at Multi Lakes Conservation Association, a firearm range. The congresswoman broke out into a tirade after pro-gun hecklers quieted her statements by yelling, “NRA,” according to The Detroit News.


Stevens also attempted to tackle the issue of so-called “assault weapons” — a term that drew criticism from the audience as “made-up.” Many of her statements were met with scrutiny, as one man stood with a sign that read: “Vote out Haley Stevens — a liar.”

The congresswoman’s display did not go over well with Laura Cox, chairwoman of the Michigan GOP. She called Stevens’ actions “unhinged” and said they were aimed to “undermine our democracy.” (RELATED: California Gov. Calls Semi-Auto Rifles ‘Goddamn Weapons Of Mass Destruction’)

Meshawn Maddock, chair of the 11th congressional district Republican party, wasn’t thrilled with Stevens’ comments as well.

“The 11th Congressional District isn’t progressive,” Maddock said, according to Detroit News. “It’s Republican. And Republicans support the Second Amendment and we like our legally owned guns. You’ve got a lot of nerve holding an anti-gun rally in the heart of gun-country. So we will rally voters to show you what voters think about two things. First, your lack of support for our Second Amendment. Then your poor decision to select this location for your town hall.”

Concerns are beginning to flare about Stevens’ alleged moderate stance on firearms that has since been traded for something some call more extreme. Tori Sachs, Executive Director of Michigan Rising Action, told the Daily Caller that the congresswoman “revealed her true intentions” Tuesday.

Michigan Rising Action “focuses on holding liberal groups and their special interest networks accountable and advancing conservative principles,” according to their website.

“Rep. Haley Stevens revealed her true intentions during her unhinged outburst directed at her own constituents. Rep. Stevens may have run as a moderate who would support “common sense” gun reform, but it’s now clear she’s joined the gun-grabbing radical left trying to completely dismantle the NRA and take away 2nd Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens. It makes sense that Haley Stevens would be widely out of touch with her constituents after living in liberal cities like Chicago and Washington D.C., only moving home to Michigan recently so she could run for office.”