REPORT: Gardner Minshew Is Suffering From ‘Minor’ Knee Issue

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew is reportedly dealing with some minor health issues.

According to Ian Rapoport on Wednesday, the man responsible for Minshew Mania is suffering from a “minor” knee issue, and has been added to the team’s injury report.

I don’t care what it takes. The Jaguars have to protect Minshew’s knee at all costs. At all costs! The man is arguably the most important man in America at the moment. (RELATED: Gardner Minshew Dominates Against The Broncos As Minshew Mania Grows)

He’s managed to unite people from all different backgrounds, beliefs and fanbases to cheer for one cause, and that cause is Minshew Mania.

That’ll all fall apart if the former Washington State legend isn’t on the field due to a knee issue.


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Honestly, he can just take my knee. I would gladly sacrifice my knee if it meant Minshew could play, which would by extension save our nation’s soul.

There’s no need to thank me or call me a hero for such a kind gesture. I think anybody who loves America would do the same.


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In all seriousness, I hope like Minshew is fine and ready to ball out against the Panthers on Sunday. There’s no question he’s taken the league by storm, and he’s incredibly entertaining to watch.

It sounds like this knee issue isn’t too big of a deal. I hope that turns out to be the case because I definitely plan on watching him run around slinging touchdowns as I nurse a hangover Sunday.

Minshew Mania is just getting started, folks! You best believe that.