Gardner Minshew Says ‘There’s A Lot Of Bad Mustaches Out There’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Gardner Minshew doesn’t just want to win football games anymore.

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback has set the league on fire since taking over for an injured Nick Foles in week one, and now his goals far exceed football.

According to SportsCenter, the Washington State legend recently told the media, “There’s a lot of bad mustaches out there…but hopefully we’ll get ’em right.” (RELATED: Gardner Minshew Dominates Against The Broncos As Minshew Mania Grows)

That’s a leader right there, folks. That’s a man who realizes what’s happening is about a lot more than just himself.

Sure, he could go out there and simply get paid to throw touchdown passes. Nobody would question him if that’s where he decided to focus all his energy.


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However, that’s not what a hero does. A hero goes above and beyond. That’s what Minshew is doing by trying to put an end to bad mustaches.

He’s a man answering the call. He’s a man making sure American men don’t disappoint with our mustaches.

He might not be the hero we deserve, but he is the one we need.