‘I’m Shocked That You’d Ask Me This’: GOP Rep. Doesn’t Take Bait After Chris Wallace’s Romney Question

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Republican Utah Rep. Chris Stewart took issue with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace’s question about an ongoing dispute between President Donald Trump and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney.

After Romney called the president’s July 25 phone call to Ukraine’s president “wrong and appalling,” Trump fired back on Twitter the next day by calling the Utah senator a “pompous ass.”

On Sunday’s “Fox News Sunday,” Wallace used his last question to ask for Stewart’s opinion about the president’s  argument with his fellow Utah lawmaker.


“You are a member of the Utah congressional delegation, and over the weekend President Trump has really gone after Utah Senator Mitt Romney. I’m going to put up some tweets. He has called him a ‘pompous ass,’ a ‘fool,’ and added the hashtag ‘#ImpeachMittRomey.’ Of course, senators can’t be impeached, but congressman do you have any problem with the president going after your senator that way?” asked the Fox News anchor. (RELATED: Biden Loses His Cool When Reporter Asks About Ukraine Conflict Of Interest)

“Oh Chris, I’m shocked that you’d ask me this question,” Stewart responded. “Look, I know that the media loves for Republicans to criticize each other to fight with each other … ”

“I’m not criticizing another Republican,” said Wallace. “It’s the president who called Mitt Romney a ‘pompous ass.'”

“I know you’re not, but you’re hoping that I will,” Stewart shot back. “I’m just going to say that Mitt Romney is a big boy, President Trump is a big boy, they can settle their differences. I’m not going to weigh in on that. I mean, they’ve had disagreements in the past, and I understand that.”