Abby Huntsman: Trump Using ‘Campaign Of Confusion’ To Get People To Reelect Him

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Abby Huntsman said that President Donald Trump probably did something wrong in regard to phone call with the president of Ukraine about Joe Biden and that he is using a “campaign of confusion” to get reelected.

The comments came Monday during a panel discussion on “The View” about the fact that a second whistleblower has come forward on the  un-redacted transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding an investigation into the Biden family. (RELATED: Trump Will Release Transcript Of Disputed Ukraine Call)

Sunny Hostin said the “second whistle-blower is very important because that person apparently has firsthand knowledge of the phone call so that implies that that person was on the call.”(RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

Co-host Huntsman agreed that she thinks the phone call details are “serious.'” But shared that after talking to friends back home ,Trump’s “campaign of confusion” is working and will probably help him get reelected.

“But here’s what I would say and I was talking to friends at home and I realize the way we talk about it in these studios in New York City is often times different than how people are feeling about it,” Huntsman explained. “And I’m not convinced he’s probably going to win re-election. I do.”

“I think that what they’re doing right now is a campaign of confusion which frankly they’re very good at doing,” she added.  “I think they are very clever because there’s no way to dig out of this hole and they know that so what they’re saying is ‘let’s try and confuse the American people.'”

Joy Behar tried to interject, but the former Fox News host made it clear she was not done yet and went on to say that because people “can’t stand the media” and Trump has a loyal base, he will probably win reelection.

“They will always have, they will always have a forty percent support base,” Huntsman went on. “People that can’t stand the media, that can’t stand the liberals and so if they go out there and the Trump loyals say, ‘look, this was a joke all along. It was actually Ukraine that interfered in the elections,’ people are going to believe what they want to hear.”

“Look, I find this,  I find this serious, but I also think we need to live in reality and where we are, and there are some people that will let this slide,” she added.

Behar replied that “it’s very easy to muddy the waters and obfuscate when you are shameless and a liar,” while she went after Jim Jordan and others who were “sticking behind” the president.

“They’re sticking behind somebody that they know is unpatriotic that is not American and they’re doing it anyway,” she added. “So go ahead, keep lying and muddy the waters and see how dumb Americans are. That’s what they’re trying to do.”