Colts Vs. Chiefs On ‘Sunday Night Football’ Gets 16.35 Million Viewers On NBC

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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NBC generated some monster ratings when the Indianapolis Colt upset the Kansas City Chiefs 19-13 on Sunday night.


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According to TVByTheNumbers, early numbers suggest that the game on “Sunday Night Football” got a staggering 16.35 million viewers.

It’s lower than the 21 million viewers in the early numbers last week when the Saints beat the Cowboys on “SNF,” but it’s still really solid.


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It’s crazy the kind of numbers the NFL has put up this year when it comes to TV ratings. A few years back, things weren’t looking great at all.

Now, business is booming for Roger Goodell and company. Despite the facts the Colts aren’t a national brand and don’t have a big QB anymore, nearly 16.5 million people still tuned in to watch the massive upset.

If that’s not a win for the league, then I don’t know what is.


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TFW everyone had you going into the bye with an L.

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It’s amazing what happens when you just focus on the game, and don’t allow dumb political debates. It turns out, people just want to watch football.

The NFL’s anthem issues are long gone, and business is going well. That should make fans very happy. Props to the Colts for pulling out the big win in front of a very entertained country.

Maybe, just maybe, these guys are for real.