Donald Trump Jr. Has Just One Wish This Christmas — And It’s All About 2020

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Donald Trump Jr. announced Monday that he had just one Christmas wish going into this holiday season: Hillary Clinton on the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential ticket.

The president’s son tweeted a Rasmussen poll that showed the 2016 nominee as “neck-and-neck” with the incumbent President Donald Trump in a potential 2020 matchup, adding his own comment, “All I want for Christmas is for Hillary to run again.”

Despite Clinton’s repeated claims to the contrary, there has still been speculation that, should a strong candidate fail to emerge in the Democratic primary, Clinton might step in and run against Trump again. (RELATED: Check Out What Hillary’s Been Up To)

Even Democratic California Sen. (and presidential candidate) Kamala Harris’ mentor, Willie Brown, has called for Clinton to return to the ring, suggesting she is the only Democrat who could actually win against Trump.

Her name has worked its way into a number of polls as well.

Recent appearances related to her latest book release have also helped to fuel that speculation.

The president, in contrast to his son, made it clear in a Sunday tweet that he would like to face former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 general election.