‘Can You Imagine If I Was Caught With A Crack Pipe?’: Eric Trump Alleges Double-Standard With Joe, Hunter Biden

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Eric Trump mocked Hunter Biden during an appearance on Fox & Friends Monday morning, wondering how the media would treat him if he got caught with a “crack pipe” the way Biden did.

“Could you imagine, and I wrote an op-ed about this, could you imagine if I got $50,000 a month in an industry I knew nothing about, with no discernible duties, from a Ukraine oil and gas company, could you imagine that?” Trump said.

“Could you imagine if I got kicked out of the Navy for doing cocaine? Could you imagine if I was caught with a crack pipe or many of the other scandals? Could you imagine if China gave me $1.5 billion, right after I flew over to China on Air Force Two with my father, meaning, assuming my father was vice president. I mean, I’ve lived a totally scandal-free life,” he continued.

Hunter Biden has reportedly smoked crack cocaine at different times in his life.

“I’ve lived an incredibly clean life. And they go after me, and they go after Don, and Ivanka, and Barron, and Tiffany and our children. For what?” the president’s son asked. (RELATED: Eric Trump Squares Off With Bill De Blasio: ‘Our Great City Has Gone To Sh*t Under Your Leadership’)

During his appearance, Trump also blasted the Democratic “clown show” of impeachment.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine have come under increased scrutiny as House Democrats have launched an impeachment probe into President Donald Trump due to him asking Ukraine to investigate Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said last month that he had never spoken to his son about his business overseas, but a previous statement from Hunter contradicts that claim.

A photo revealed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson also shows Joe Biden and his son Hunter golfing in 2014 with a Ukrainian gas company executive who served on the board of Burisma Holdings, the company Biden had a contract with.