Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin Claims Second Whistleblower Doesn’t Matter Because ‘We All Have The Transcript Of The Phone Call’

Fox News

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative radio host Mark Levin went off Sunday on the second “so-called whistleblower,” asking why it matters if there’s another whistleblower after Americans have already seen the transcript of the phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Since the first so-called whistleblower flopped, now the same lawyers reportedly and suddenly have a second so-called whistleblower,” Levin said. “The choreography with this leftwing law firm, the Democrats, and the media goes on. But we all have the transcript of the phone call.”

Zaid has represented conservatives and conservative groups in the past, including the Republican National Committee.

“So why does it matter how many so-called whistleblowers are paraded out by this law firm?

This is all about trying to create the impression of a scandal. Trying to influence public opinion,” he continued. “Trying to pick off congressional Republicans. Trying to build momentum toward impeachment.”

Over the weekend, news of a second whistleblower coming forward was revealed. The unknown person is also being represented by Mark Zaid, a Washington, D.C. lawyer.

Zaid told AP News that this second whistleblower has “firsthand knowledge” of dealings between Trump and the country of Ukraine.

This person also reportedly works in the intelligence community, and claims to be able to corroborate some information that the first whistleblower brought forward. However, it’s not known what information it is that he will be able to corroborate.

Levin has been a passionate defender of the president since talk of impeachment began in September.

During an appearance on Fox News last week, the radio host said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can launch a “nuclear option” to change Senate rules and dismiss any charges against Trump. (RELATED: McConnell Says Impeachment By ‘Left-Wing Mob’ Stops With Senate Majority)

*Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to include Zaid’s legal representation history.