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Afternoon Mirror: Two Grown Men Air Dirty Laundry In Ugly Twitter Fight

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“You’re more likely to get what you want from me if you don’t ask me to have coffee, lunch, or drinks. I don’t schmooze.” 

Yashar Ali, elephant lover, HuffPost, New York Mag.

MOOD: “Finally got my cartilage pierced!! filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to youtube just for u.” — Pardes Seleh, YouTube personality, ex-Fox News scriptwriter.

Deep Thoughts With Andrew Yang

“We all struggle with a mindset of scarcity sometimes – whether it be tied to self-worth, money, time to oneself, accomplishment, companionship, food or other basic human need. In good times we recognize the doubt and laugh it off. In bad times it becomes the only thing you hear.” — Andrew Yang, presidential hopeful.

Profiles in Courage: Ellen‘s producer consumes two delicious crepes at airport 

“Sitting in the Atlanta airport and just had a Nutella and whipped cream crepe. Then I went back and had a second one because I’m the hero America needs right now.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

The Observer

“Twitter really needs to change the ‘like’ feature because I usually use it to save stories, not because I like them.” — Marc Caputo, reporter, Politico.

BREAKING! Fox employees get free froyo 

“Fox employees are being treated to Pinkberry today to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the conservative network launching.” — Oliver Darcy, media writer, CNN. (RELATED: CNN Reporter Claims Fox News Peddles Poison)

Journo copes with extreme internet stupidity 

“A cool thing about Twitter is that a lot of you are quite smart and I learn stuff from you. And a lot of you are also very funny and make me lol. The price of enjoying the content of these two groups is sifting through the excruciating stupidity of the dumbest motherfuckers alive.” — Ben Dreyfuss, SoulCycle obsessor, editorial director, Mother Jones.

Two Grown Men Fighting On Twitter

Longtime journalist Roland Martin is host of “The Roland Martin Show.” Isaiah Washington is an actor who appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and in various Spike Lee films. 

Roland Martin:“Wait. So you @IWashington tweeted that me and @soledadobrien could either debate you or F ourselves; I took you up on the offer; but NOW you want a private face-to-face meeting so I can apologize because I hurt your feelings with [Smiley Face Emojis]? Really, bruh?”

Roland Martin: “So @IWashington you agreed to go on @IngrahamAngle and @OANN and have done other interviews to talk #MAGA and your support of @realDonaldTrump but you want a private face-to-face? My answer: [Smiley Face Emojis].”

Roland Martin: “Look @IWashington I used to have your number. You were one of the folks who I would hit up when I rolled to LA. But when you went off on me in 2009 for not attending your Sierra Leone gala BECAUSE I was filling in for Campbell Brown on @CNN. That was enough for me.” 

Isaiah Washington: “I’m not so sure that this was what caused our break in communication and I’m certainly not going to reveal the real reason we stop talking Roland on Twitter. Now apologize like a gentleman or Follow me and I will give you my number to apologize.”

Isaiah Washington: “Now Follow me and I’m happy to talk to you and meet you face to face in person. No Skype. No FaceTime. Just 2 old Houstonians catching up and clearing the air.”

Isaiah Washington: “This is what you can do. You can Follow me. I’ll follow you back and I can give you my number. Call me and apologize or we can meet face to face alone and have a private discussion. You agree to meet me face to face at a private location? Just you and me like old times?”

Roland Martin: “Yes @IWashington I stopped calling or communicating with you. The last time we talked for an interview was at @PAFFNOW in 2014 for the LGBT coming-of-age film ‘Blackbird.’ I saw you and your lovely wife this year @naacpimageaward in LA. But I never forgot your 2009 antics.”

Roland Martin: “Bottom line @IWashington I supported you as a fellow Houstonian, until your antics turned me off completely. You desire an apology for [Smiley Face Emojis] et your TL is filled with calling me a clown, a mitch, you tweeted a salty bitch photo, and demeaning me wearing ascots.”

Roland Martin: “I blew all of that off as childishness @IWashington. If you are serious about a Black-on-Black discussion regarding @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Blexit and today’s @GOP, I’m ready. ANYTIME. Face-to-face. Via Skype or FaceTime. LA or DC. I OWN #RolandMartinUnfiltered. Just holla.”  


“Met a guy named Christopher yesterday and just immediately started calling him Chris without asking and now I’m afraid that was rude?? so let me ask the most judgmental people in the world (Twitter users)… was that rude?” — Eve Peyser, freelancer, bylines in NYT, New York Mag, etc…

Gossip Roundup

Robert De Niro’s lawyer reacts to gender discrimination lawsuit and manages not to use the word “fuck.” Here.

Weekend D.C. Metro collision: “REPORTED METRORAIL COLLISION- Farragut West Metro, 17th and I Sts NW-DC. Report of 2 injured, both sound like Metro employees (train operators?). Fire/EMS crews attempting to reach the injured now.” — Alan Henney, spot news, wants to be hired.

Hillary Clinton pipes up on Trump’s call on the Kurds: “Let us be clear: The president has sided with authoritarian leaders of Turkey and Russia over our loyal allies and America’s own interests. His decision is a sickening betrayal both of the Kurds and his oath of office.”

ABC “The View” co-host Meghan McCain erupts at the White House. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Goes Berserk)

CBS’s Norah O’Donnell to return to multi-million D.C. home. Here.

AxiosJonathan Swan mentions his ill-timed honeymoon…”Situational awareness: I’m married! And I picked the worst possible time for a honeymoon.” He recently married The Daily Beast‘s Betsy Woodruff before this whole impeachment thing blew up.

Dancing with former White House Press Sec. Sean Spicer… He wants your vote again! “I can’t say enough how humbling it has been to have the support of so many people,” he wrote in a mass email. “I’m doing something outside my comfort zone and it means a lot to have so much support. Thank you for tuning in and taking the time to vote.” Last week he danced the Cha Cha in a dance in which he loosely mimicked John Travolta. Don’t forget…he’s auctioning off that snazzy green neon blouse for veterans.

Rep. Ilan Omar‘s divorce from her alleged cheater husband is “intensely personal.” Here. (RELATED: Ilhan Omar Files For Divorce Amid Rumors)