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Morning Mirror: Female NBC Journo Says Potential Employer Questioned Her Pregnancy Plans

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I have lost followers over my stance on candy corn. I think I deserve a ‘Profile in Courage’ nomination.” 

Charlotte Clymer, communications, Human Rights Campaign.

MOOD: “A reminder that reporters are the most humorless people in media. …Including this humorless homosexual.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag.

What kind of a person doesn’t like this animal? 

“I don’t like dogs.” — Taylor Lorenz, reporter, NYT.


“Pulling out is never pretty, but it needs to be done!” — Jon Miller, BlazeTV.

Eavesdrop Café: Prof witnesses ‘total dick move’ at restaurant 

“I am catching a quick dinner by myself, and just saw a guy at the bar hand back a plate with two bites of steak left saying how much he didn’t like it and that the chef should know it. Total dick move. Grrr. My parents ran a restaurant for a while and I saw that all the time.” — Tom Nichols, professor, Naval War College.

The fall fashion observer spots woman in ‘smart’ scarf

“Saw a young woman in a smart fall scarf making her morning commute and I just know that when she broke that out of her closet for the first time in months, it was the highlight of her day and in that moment, she’s never felt more confident.” — Eddie Scarry, commentary writer, Washington Examiner. (RELATED: The Mirror Questionnaire With Eddie Scarry)

David Brooks defends his last column

“I checked Twitter today and saw the last column got some criticism. For the record I visit 4 states a week. In the last two it’s been Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, and Georgia. If my columns stink it’s not from lack of contact with Trump voters.” — David Brooks, columnist, NYT. See the column that made journalists lose their minds.

Scaramucci continues to pummel Trump 

“He has done enough damage now to America. Maybe he will leave now otherwise @realDonaldTrump deserves jail. Leave now and save yourself and the country.” — Anthony Scaramucci, former Trump-lover and 11-day White House Communications Director. He links to this CNN opinion piece about Trump voluntarily leaving the White House. (RELATED: Tony Scaramucci Self-Sabotages With Plug For Mark Halperin’s Book)

Twitter follower Michael (@Michael2014abc) snarks, “You all really need to go on medication. I understand trying to be relevant, but this is just pathetic. ”

Howard Fineman translates President Trump 

“Seems like @realDonaldTrump is developing a new, all-encompassing defense against #impeachment and/or court prosecutions: I was just joking! Do not take me seriously. I am a comic working stand up here on the driveway.” — Howard Fineman, NBC/MSNBC analyst. 

Women for Trump in St. Paul 

Who: Second Lady Karen Pence and Lara Trump

When: Wednesday

“Women for Trump will host a panel discussion in advance of President Trump’s rally to highlight the accomplishments of the Administration and the commitments of the President for women and families. The panel will be [ahem, moderated] by Kayleigh McEnany, National Press Secretary for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.”

Why the White House ignored the Sunday shows…

“Dana Perino says no WH staffers went on the Sunday shows because ‘sometimes you give the Sunday shows a break.'” — Andrew Lawrence, Media Matters.


“I won’t date a dude who doesn’t know Airplane! quotes and I’m not sorry. It’s a prerequisite.” — Krystle Baker, co-host Xtreme Liberty.

Confessional II. 

“I was asked in a job interview not but two years ago if I had kids or was planning on having kids.” — Megan Carpentier, NBC News THINK editor. Hmmm….She has worked for Tribune Media, The Guardian, Raw Story, Talking Points Memo and Jezebel. She has been in her current job for two years and two months. In 2017, she worked for Mic for five months. Back in 2006, she was the associate editor for Wonkette for a year and a half.

Gossip Roundup 

You’ve gotta see this graphic on who owns your favorite pub… Here.

The Media Institute’s Patrick Maines says “the long knives” may be coming for NYT‘s top editor Dean Baquet. Here.

Is there something that could really take Trump down? “Theory: A ton of conservatives and Rs who have supported Trump can’t bring themselves to walk away from him over the Ukraine shit, but the ditching the Kurds provides a great pretext for starting to distance– so that’s what’ll begin doing him in.” — Liz Mair, communications strategist.

Just Asking Questions: “How on earth is Trump still president?” — Peter Daou, former Clinton/Kerry adviser and adviser for Lindsey Bolan for Congress.

WaPo lifestyle writer says Melania Trump is “unfazed” by impeachment inquiry. Here. (RELATED: Melania Shocks CNNers By Lifting Speech From Michelle Obama)

Journo spins loss of blue check mark: “My Blue Check is gone! I’m a man of the people once more!” — Jonah Goldberg, EIC, The Dispatch, LAT columnist, formerly, NationalReviewOnline.

David French is going too: “I have news. Very shortly I will be leaving NR and joining my friends @JonahDispatch and @stephenfhayes at The Dispatch. I’m thrilled to be a part of this new venture, but I’m also incredibly grateful to National Review. It’s an indispensable institution.”

As is Rachel Larimore, who worked for The Bulwark. She’ll be the managing editor.

Ellen DeGeneres is friends with former prez George W. Bush. Deal with it. Here.