As Power Outages Continue To Mount In California, There’s No Need To Go Without. Always Be Prepared With New Portable Power Station Technology

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In case you haven’t heard, California is currently cutting power to over 513,000 northern California homes in order to curb Wildfire risk. ( There’s even talk about doing the same in southern California, and according to our reporters, getting power restored once the “risk” has subsided could take almost a week. In light of this, you should be made aware of an alternative option for enjoying the activities you love: portable power stations.

Jackery, one of the premium brands for outdoor power solutions, has several portable power stations available and on sale now, featuring enough electrical power to run all of your favorite devices. For example,while other portable chargers offer the ability to recharge your phone or small items like your Nintendo DS, Jackery’s signature Explorer 500 can charge drones, run mini fridges, power RV lighting and electronics, and allow your TV to run for up to 7 hours if you decide to bring it with you.

Let’s be clear, this new portable power station is all about taking luxury and versatility to the next level, but its also about being prepared for emergencies like losing power. For example, The Jackery Explorer 500 is well equipped to help you have fun or help you out in the event of an emergency, with three usb ports offering multiple spots to charge small devices like phones.

It's perfect for RV's and can even power RV systems like lights or ceiling fans. Oh, and did we mention outdoor grills or movie projectors as well? The possibilities are endless. (Photo via Amazon)

It’s perfect for RV’s and can even power RV systems like lights or ceiling fans. Oh, and did we mention outdoor grills or movie projectors as well? The possibilities are endless. (Photo via Amazon)

Take home the Jackery Portable Power Station today for just $424.99 on Amazon($75 off for a limited time). Or, if you are looking to solar charge it (one of the available methods for powering it up), save $125 off the power station & this 60W solar panel when you use the discount code N8AESX6J at checkout with both items in your cart.

Looking for portable power but think you won’t find much use out of the Explorer 500″ Jackery is also offering a discount on their less expensive Explorer 240.

At just $250 on Amazon, this power station is one of Jackery’s best , equipped with excellent features including multiple power outlets allowing you to charge and operate loads of different devices from drones and cell phones to mini fridges and projectors!

Yet, for a limited time you can save even more when you also buy a 60W Solar charging panel, netting you $30 in savings if you buy both the Explorer 240 and the 60W solar charging panel and use the discount code FMOB8WIJ at checkout. In my opinion, the Explorer 240 power station is worth it as it safely powers electronic devices by producing clean, stable connections, and the LCD display, makes it easy to see your total battery status for your portable generator.

Multiple charging options for all your devices (Photo via Amazon)

Multiple charging options for all your devices (Photo via Amazon)

The Explorer 240 Power Station can be easily charged up in multiple ways too, meaning you never have to run out of power. You can charge it through use of a  solar panel (sold separately),  an old fashioned car port that most car charges utilize, or a standard AC wall outlet. 

According to Jackery, it takes eight hours to recharge over AC or with the car adapter or 10 hours with a 50W solar panel. It has a shelf life of three to six months before the battery needs to be recharged, so you can also keep it around for a while in case of emergency without worrying.

Either way, the power outages in California, and my time as a boy scout have reminded me of the same lesson: It’s always a good idea to Be Prepared!

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