Martha MacCallum Presses Senior Biden Advisor Symone Sanders On Hunter Biden

Fox News screengrab

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Symone Sanders, senior advisor to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, received some tough questions about Hunter Biden and Ukraine from Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on Wednesday night’s edition of “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”


“[I]f Joe Biden becomes the nominee, there is no doubt, on the debate stage for example, or anywhere else, he would be asked, ‘why was your son paid $50,000 a month for something he didn’t have any experience doing, and would he have gotten that job or the deal with China if he wasn’t named Biden?'” MacCallum asked Sanders during the interview. “Would he have gotten any of those opportunities if he wasn’t the vice president’s son? What’s the answer to that?”

Sanders responded that the “smears and lies” put forth by the Trump administration are “just not true.”

The Fox News anchor continued to press, “Do you believe he would’ve made that money if he wasn’t the vice president’s son? Because the vice president was overseeing Ukraine and China, and then suddenly he got these positions in Ukraine and China. So it does raise legitimate questions, and I think no matter who is interviewing or questioning the vice president, he’s going to have to answer to these questions.”

“Martha, he’s been asked questions about this, he’s done gaggles,” Sanders responded, insisting that there was nothing “fishy” about any of the documented happenings surrounding the former vice president, his son and their dealings with Ukraine.

“Our campaigns posture and frankly Vice President Biden’s posture specifically has been to unequivocally back down those smears, those lies, and those assertions,” she said before insisting “the question should come back to Donald Trump and what he’s doing.” (RELATED: Biden Loses His Cool When Reporter Asks About Ukraine Conflict Of Interest)

MacCallum acknowledged the “strategy” behind turning the tables on Trump, but pressed Sanders on whether, if legal, Hunter Biden’s lucrative board membership it as least a “bad look” in retrospect.

In response, Sanders appealed to former Obama official Susan Rice saying Biden had “served honorably.”