Meghan McCain Calls U.S. Withdrawal From Syria ‘Nothing Short Of Godless’

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Meghan McCain continued to denounce the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, calling the decision “nothing short of Godless.”

“The View” co-host and daughter of the late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain tweeted the comments Wednesday. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Rips Seth Meyers For Defending Ilhan Omar)

“May God be with our allies the Kurdish fighters and Kurdish civilians,” she tweeted. “What we have done to them is nothing short of Godless. Abandoned our allies to be slaughtered. This is a true stain in American history we will be unable to explain to future generations.”

McCain has been a strong proponent of U.S. intervention in the region, and is one of several prominent Republican figures to hit the Trump administration over its decision to “abandon” Kurdish allies in the region. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan considers the Kurds terrorists and launched an attack against the Kurds in northern Syria earlier Wednesday. (RELATED: Turkey Seeks To Extradite NBA Star Who Opposes Erdogan)

McCain previously attacked the Trump administration Monday during an episode of “The View.”

“I’m going a little bit rogue but I’ve been so mad this morning and so upset about this news that we are abandoning our Kurdish allies in the Middle East,” McCain said at the time.  “These are allies of ours that American soldiers are still continuing to fight alongside. All we did was arm them and they fought for America.”