Richard Sherman Says He’ll Apologize To Baker Mayfield Over Handshake Situation

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Richard Sherman will apologize to Baker Mayfield over the entire handshake situation that has unfolded over the past couple days.

The San Francisco 49ers cornerback made waves when he claimed the Browns passer snubbed him during the pregame handshake during a Monday night win. However, video eventually surfaced that proved that wasn’t 100% true. Now, the Super Bowl champion will try to make the situation right. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show Baker Mayfield Shaking Richard Sherman’s Hand)

Sherman told Pat McAfee the following on Wednesday:

It’s definitely my bad. You know, I never want anybody to have to deal with some stuff that they didn’t do. And so, you know, the questions that he’s gonna get and the annoying, nonsense questions about some stuff that happened in a game that’s already been done, you know, sure he’ll get an apology for that. I’ll probably reach out to him via text or social media to actually get a hold of him and talk to him

You can listen to the whole segment below.

Good for Sherman for admitting he wasn’t correct about the situation, and being man enough to apologize. When you make a mistake, you have to own it.

Whether the 49ers star knew he was wrong about the handshake exchange or not is one thing. That doesn’t seem to be clear, but it’s crystal clear he was wrong.

While some people would have tried to avoid the topic, he confronted it head on. He told McAfee it was his fault, and that he was going to apologize to Mayfield.


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Now, we’ll hopefully just be able to put this situation behind us and move on. Was Sherman in the wrong? Yes.

Is it worth making a big deal about and focusing a ton on? I’d have to say absolutely not. He admitted he was wrong and he’ll apologize.

It’s time to focus on the next games and forget about it.