Trade In Your Lazy Days For Some Backyard Fun – Best Backyard Pools For 2020

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It’s no longer summer, but that’s actually the perfect reason to buy a pool! Why you may ask? Pools tend to be cheaper offseason, so….in preparation for next summer if you have the storage space, here are the best backyard pools at the best prices you are likely to find them. 

Intex’s round metal frame pool 10ft X 30in (Image Via

This pool is the ultimate dipping pool and a more affordable option. Intex’s round metal frame pool is 10ft X 30in and the perfect size for any backyard corner. It is Amazon’s #1 New Release in framed swimming pools and would an awesome addition to your backyard fun. While it is not terribly large, it is backyard size and perfect for any small family gathering or a way to keep kids busy for a few hours in the hottest days of the summer. 

70 percent of amazon reviewers rated five stars for this metal frame pool. For those who are concerned about the size of this pool, listen to one of the reviewers, “Was a bit skeptical about getting one of these but not anymore. My 5 year old LOVES it and it is the perfect size for her. I can even get in it with her and not feel like a giant in a mud puddle, lol. So much better than the inflatable pools from previous summers and no complaints on the sturdiness.” And for those who are skeptical about other factors of this pool, let the note of another customer tell you that, “I love this pool i had previously had a 10×30 but this one is bigger. You cant beat the price, quality of the pool is great I bought the cover too. I ordered it on a Monday and I received it within the next 2 days which was a plus for me. Also it does NOT come with a filter which is not a deal breaker for me if anything it’s better usually the filters they come with suck anyway other than that I really recommend this pool.”

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Intex 20ft X 12ft X 48in Oval Frame Pool (Image Via

For the pool lovers among us, we have found the ultimate backyard pool. Totalling 20ft X 12ft X 48in deep, this pool has plenty of room for the entire family. Amazon reviewers rate this pool 4 stars out of 5 stars and claim that it is “The best above ground pool ever,” “perfect summer fun for the whole family,” and “easy and fun.” Invest in a family fun summer with this pool for $399.99 – it will last you many summers to come!  If you still don’t know if you should invest in this pool, let one customer’s review convince you, “This product has worked so well for us. Takes 2 people to set up and a lot of prep work, but worth it! Great size for our family of 4 and have used for parties with 10 people. Love the water design on the bottom of the pool. We live in a hot and humid climate and the pool is still going strong after over a year. This is our 2nd Intex brand pool (we had a smaller one when we lived in a different state). Would definitely buy again if needed!” 

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Summer Waves Pool (Image Via

Some of us are concerned about the aesthetic disruption of a big blue pool in our backyards. Summer Waves offers a solution to this problem by creating a faux wicker printed design on the outside of their pool, making your backyard pool a little more sightly. This pool is 12′ x 33″ making it a little larger than the Intex round metal frame pool and the perfect size for larger backyard! You can guarentee this will become a favorite family spot this summer, for just $214.99. One customer review titled “Great pool size for a small yard” said that, “Purchased this pool, and LOVE it. I really read all the reviews online on pretty much every above ground pool out there and settled on this one.” Another review expressed similar affection, “Purchased this pool, and LOVE it. I really read all the reviews online on pretty much every above ground pool out there and settled on this one.”

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Coleman SaluSpa (Image Via

Maybe you are too cool for the summer heat or are already preparing for the fall and winter ahead. If hot tub’s hold a special place in your heart, this Coleman inflatable hot tub is equipped with 144 Air Jets and will instantly make you relax. Four people can fit in this model, which is perfect for you and your family, or you and a few friends. Host a hot tub party in your Coleman SaluSpa for $439.99!  This hot tub is not only reasonably priced, but requires only simple maintenance to keep it functional according one of the top reviews, “Hot tub is awesome.. I use Star Plus Spa chlorine. Just a tablespoon or so every 3-4 days and the water stays very clear and clean. Bought a $10.00 net to pickup the odd leaf that gets in off my feet. It really is one of the most enjoyable purchases I’ve ever made!” Other customers even went for a permanent hot tub because of this wonderful experience, “We loved it so much that we ended up deciding we would rather have a permanent hot tub we could use year-round than the pool we’d planned to purchase.”

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