Meghan McCain Lashes Out At Rand Paul, Calls Him A ‘Chicken Heart Isolationist’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” host Meghan McCain lashed out Thursday at Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, calling him a “chicken heart isolationist.”

McCain fired off a tweet at Paul, who was defending President Donald Trump’s decision to pull American troops from Syria. “The world knows and watches the absolute shameless cowardice and betrayal to our Kurdish allies from chicken heart isolationists like you and Trump. History will never forget either of your roles in this,” McCain said.

Paul had tweeted his support for Trump’s decision earlier, saying, “If we can save one American soldier from losing their life or limbs in another senseless middle eastern war, it is worthwhile.” (RELATED: Rand Paul Responds To Bolton’s Resignation: ‘Chances Of War Worldwide Go Greatly Down’)

Since the news broke early in the week that President Trump was pulling American troops out of Syria, leaving Kurdish troops vulnerable to attacks from Turkey, McCain has harshly criticized the move. (RELATED: ‘You Feckless Unpatriotic Cowards!’: Meghan McCain Unloads On White House For Abandoning Kurds)

Both on Twitter and on “The View,” McCain has lambasted the president and anyone connected with the move, calling Paul out directly during Thursday’s show and saying, “blood on your hands, Rand Paul.”

Paul is scheduled to appear on “The View” this Friday, but McCain has said that she will miss that show for personal reasons.