MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Floats, Then Deletes Theory On Shepard Smith’s Fox News Departure

(Photo by Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic)

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MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes suggested via Twitter that former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith’s departure from the network could have something to do with Attorney General William Barr’s meeting with News Corp founder Rupert Murdoch.

A Fox News regular since its 1996 inception, Smith said goodbye to his “Shepard Smith Reporting” audience on Friday.

“So Barr goes and meets w Murdoch and then…” Hayes wrote in a since deleted tweet.

“I mean who knows,” Hayes continued in another tweet. “I have no inside info. Mostly I thought the AG having a meeting at Rupert’s house, amidst very public internal battles over coverage of Trump, looked…odd.”

Hayes’ explanation for the tweet’s deletion revolved around CNN’s Brian Stelter putting “Shep timing much earlier” than the Barr, Murdoch meeting.

Barr’s behind-closed-doors Wednesday meeting with Murdoch drew plenty of media speculation, particularly as the network has increasingly come under fire from President Donald Trump. However, in the case of the former Fox News anchor, Smith spokesman Chris Giglio reportedly told the New York Times’ Michael M. Grynbaum that the exit had nothing to do with the meeting. (RELATED: NBC Reporter Claims That Shepard Smith Was Escorted Out By Security, Fox News Reportedly Denies)

The MSNBC anchor was still criticized for is theory on Twitter.

This piece has been updated.