MAGA Hat-Wearing Trump Supporter Responds With Pure Class After Getting Spit On By Trump Protester During VICE Interview

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A MAGA hat-wearing supporter took being spat in the face in stride Thursday, outside a campaign rally for President Donald Trump in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minnesota salesman Dave Carlson was giving an interview to VICE News’ Elizabeth Landers when an off-camera anti-Trump protester spit in his face, VICE reported.


“Oh nice,” Carlson said as he laughed and wiped it off.

The clearly shocked interviewer apologized, to which Carlson responded, “I’m fine.”

Someone came up and said, “Sir, I’m sorry that happened to you.” Another called the attack “fucking disrespectful” but also said that Carlson’s MAGA hat, which he also considered “disrespectful.”

“You have a better attitude about that then I would,” said Landers.

“That did surprise me a little bit,” said Carlson. (RELATED: Minneapolis Mayor Won’t Let His Cops Wear Uniforms To Trump Rally — So They Made T-Shirts)

Landers later reacted to the incident via Twitter, saying her expression clearly said she had “never seen this before.”

Leaving Thursday night’s rally, one man was slapped, pushed, and called a “nazi” by protesters.