Elton John On Life-Threatening Virus And Just How ‘Close To Death’ He Was

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Elton John is finally opening up about when he contracted a life-threatening virus in 2017 and sharing just how “close to death” he really was.

“I had complications as a result of that, which is very unlucky, and I was in great pain,” the 72-year-old singer revealed to NBC’s Harry Smith ahead of the singer’s release of his autobiography, according to “Today” show in a piece published Monday.

In the book titled, “Me,” the “Rocketman” hitmaker shared that he almost died after contracting the illness in South America after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. (RELATED: WATCH: Elton John Loses It On Stage Over Handsy Fans [VIDEO])

“I came back to England and (went) straight into the hospital because I was shaking with fever, and I picked up a really strong virus down there, which nearly killed me,” he added, before explaining that during those 11 days in the hospital he came very “close to death.” (RELATED: Elton John Calls Trump A ‘Barbarian’ While Raising Big Bucks For Hillary)

John continued, “I didn’t really know how close to death I was. I was ill because I kept saying, ‘Please let me get well. I want to see my kids.’ But I had tubes coming out of every part of my body, and it took me seven weeks to recover from that when I went home.”

The “Tiny Dancer” singer also explained that when he was diagnosed with cancer he opted to have his prostate removed rather than treat it.

“I said, ‘I don’t care, take it out,'” John shared. “I’ve had enough sex to last me a lifetime. I have children. I want to see them. I want to grow up with them. It was a very easy decision to make.”

As previously reported, news surfaced at the time that the legendary singer had contracted “a potentially deadly” bacterial infection during his tour while in the country.

John was forced to cancel several shows in Las Vegas and California due to the illness while he recovered.