Toddler Brawls With Halloween Spider In Hilarious Video

(Facebook/Frank Frank)

Kyle Hooten Contributor
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Many children are terrified of spiders, but not this young boy who sprang into action when confronted by an 8 legged Halloween decoration.

A three year old boy, apparently named Charlie, just wanted to pet a fuzzy spider decoration, until the animatronic spider automatically lunged at him. Without missing a beat, Charlie threw left hook at the arachnid and continued to beat it until his amused parents pulled him away.

“I wanna hit it,” Charlie said as his dad reassured him that everything was okay.

After the video of Charlie’s encounter went viral, some Facebook users expressed their concern that the boy “shows that much aggression.” The original poster of the video was quick to respond: “OMG you’re right! I’ve never heard of a 3 year old hitting or having a tantrum! I’ll get him on Adderall and Prozac promptly!”

As of publication, the video of the boy and the spider has garnered nearly 16 million views and has been shared over 650,000 times on Facebook.