Crowd Reacts After Warren Thanks Obama In A Swing At Biden


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Warren thanked former President Barack Obama in a swing at former Vice President Joe Biden, earning applause from the audience at Tuesday’s Democratic primary debates in Ohio.

The Massachusetts senator was discussing her success during the Obama administration after coming up with an idea “for a consumer agency that would keep giant banks from cheating people” following the 2008 recession.

“The big banks fought us. The Republicans fought us. Some of the Democrats fought us. But we got that agency passed into law. It has now forced Big Banks to return more than $12 billion directly to people they cheated. I served in the Obama Administration. I know what we can do by executive authority, and I will use it,” Warren said.


Biden then interrupted the moderator, telling Warren directly that he “went on the floor” and “got” her votes.

“I got votes for that bill. I convinced people to vote for it, so let’s get those things straight, too,” the former vice president said.

When asked to respond, Warren thanked Obama, earning laughs and other surprised reactions from the audience.

“I am deeply grateful to President Obama, who fought so hard to make sure that agency was passed into law, and I am deeply grateful to every single person who fought for it and who helped pass it into law,” the senator said.

“You did a hell of a job in your job,” Biden remarked.

“Thank you,” Warren responded, earning more laughs before concluding: “Understand this. It was a dream big, fight hard. People told me, go for something little. Go for something small. Go for something that the big corporations will be able to accept. And President Obama said, ‘I will fight for that,’ and he sometimes had to fight against people in his own administration.”

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