REPORT: Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski Set To Team Up For New Comedy Film ‘Imaginary Friends’

(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Twentieth Century Fox )

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Actors Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski will reportedly star together in a new comedy film.

“Imaginary Friends” has been picked up by Paramount, according to a report published Tuesday by The Hollywood Reporter. The studio beat out others for the project including Lionsgate and Sony.

Krasinski will direct, write, produce and star alongside Reynolds, THR reported.

The movie will be similar to “Dr. Dolittle.” Reynolds’ character will have to save the world from some imaginary friends who have turned to the dark side in this comedy film. (RELATED: REPORT: Jason Bateman In Talks To Star In ‘Clue’ Alongside Ryan Reynolds)

Reynolds is currently headlining a project alongside Will Ferrell. Apple paid for the two to star in an adaptation of “A Christmas Carol.” On the other hand, Krasinski has the sequel to “A Quiet Place” in post production. The film will release in March of 2020.

I honestly love both of these actors. “A Quiet Place” was a great showcase of Krasinski’s directing skills and I’m sure this new film will be no different. The new film will have a different vibe than the thriller form the 2018 thriller.

Reynolds was gold in “Deadpool” and I’m expecting it will be just as good of a performance in “Imaginary Friends.”