Tom Steyer Spent Over $6 Million Per Minute In Democratic Debate


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Billionaire Tom Steyer got the least amount of time to speak of any Democratic presidential candidate Tuesday night, but had to spend the most to get there.

Steyer spoke for just 7 minutes and 13 seconds in Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, after spending nearly $48 million of his own money to secure a spot on stage, which amounted to over $6 million per minute. Steyer has spent $26 million on TV ads alone over the past few months, which is six times more than any other presidential candidate, according to The Wall Street Journal. (RELATED: Mayor Pete To Beto: ‘I Don’t Need Lessons From You On Courage’)

US philanthropist Tom Steyer speaks on stage during the 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California on June 1, 2019. (JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)


The billionaire environmentalist has also spent over $100 million filling the airwaves with advertisements advocating for impeaching President Donald Trump. Steyer officially joined the crowded presidential field in July and has already qualified for next month’s debate in Georgia. (RELATED: Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income Plan)

Besides impeaching the president, Steyer’s political activism has mainly focused on climate change, which received minimal attention Tuesday night. When Steyer brought up climate change at the debate, CNN moderators quickly changed the subject.