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Afternoon Mirror: WaPo Reporter Finds Hell In A NYC Hotel Lobby

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“This isn’t a debate, it’s a therapy session.” 

Greg Gutfeld, Fox News, ‘The Five.” (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld And Ex-Congressman Get Into A Fight)

CNN analyst wonders if she should watch her network’s debate 

“Out of wine. Do I a) run out and get more before debate starts; b) actually watch the debate; and/or c) get wine but watching Lifetime’s ‘The College Admissions Scandal’ movie (which I DVR’d) instead?”

Asha Rangappa, former FBI Special agent, CNN analyst.

MOOD: “Let us work together so that every person can have access to adequate food, according to the will of God.” — Pope Francis.

Bill O’Reilly comes out of the I am an a**hole closet 

On Wednesday night during the Democratic debate, Beto O’Rourke spoke of a woman who has four jobs to make ends meet. Journalist, author, ex-Fox News anchor and now the nation’s Chief Ass Bill O’Reilly said he didn’t believe it.

Beto proved his point.

To his credit, O’Reilly hasn’t deleted his tweet. He did later write about how bored he was with the Democrats’ debate: “Debate out of gas. Taking Holly the Terror Dog for a walk.”

Dave Hogg, Detroit sportswriter: “Not every woman has a huge sexual-harassment settlement in the bank.”

Breitbart News‘s Brandon Darby: “I really dislike Beto and I think he’s full of sh*t, but this isn’t far fetched at all. A lot of parents with special needs kids or other loved ones have to work several jobs because they have a chaotic schedule that prevents full time, consistent employment. Very common.”

Andy Slavitt, former head of Medicare for ex-Prez Obama: “I would invite @BillOReillly to get a real understanding of what life is like for many in the disability community or raising a special needs or chronically ill child. But that would be cruel to the people who’d have to meet him.”

Guilfoyle gets groans on the stump

“Kimberly Guilfoyle begins in San Antonio by saying she has known both President Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr for about 14 years but adds that ‘I know Donald Trump Jr a little bit better, let’s just get out of the way right now.'” A mix of laughs and groans from the crowd. — Jonathan Lemire, White House reporter, AP. (RELATED: Scaramucci, Guilfoyle Together In Rome)

Donald Trump Jr.: “On the bright side, at least Joe’s teeth didn’t fall out this time!”

Hollywood writer scolded for whitemalesplaining 

“At the cafe where I’m writing the people next to me were disagreeing about the origins of Men in Black & I said “If you’d like, I could clear that up for you” & one responded: ‘I’m sorry, we do not need an old white male’s mansplanation.’ So I apologized and that was that.” — Ed Solomon, writer, producer, director. He’s kind of a big deal — he was a staff writer for “Laverne & Shirley.” He also helped to create “Men in Black.”

How To Make It All About Me 

“Starting to feel like I might be the only reporter not texting with Giuliani.” — Oliver Darcy, media writer, CNN. (RELATED: CNN Reporter Told To Eat Sh*t On His Birthday After Brian Stelter Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut)

Journo loses stuff in storage unit

“tfw you find out they finally went ahead and auctioned off your storage unit in Chattanooga cuz you feel behind by $500. Most of the good stuff I removed, but I could never afford to get it back.” — Payday Report‘s Mike Elk, formerly a labor reporter for Politico.

Julián Castro gets cute with his pronouns

“Using someone’s correct pronouns—and giving your own—isn’t difficult. I’m Julián Castro, he/him/él. It takes one extra breath to help people feel seen and respected. I think that’s worth it. #PronounsDay.” — Julián Castro, Democratic presidential hopeful. 

Giuliani apparently likes emojis 

“When I asked him later if he remembered senior Trump officials sitting him down in 2017 and asking him to stop talking to POTUS about Turkey, as officials said happened, he tagged the question with a thumbs up emoji and didn’t answer.” — Josh Dawsey, White House reporter, WaPo. Story here.

American Conservative Mag Editor Jim Antle cracked, “When I asked Giuliani for directions to Penn Station, he responded with a vomiting clown emoji.”

Journo wants to be Sec. of Steak 

“Accidentally wrote ‘Secretary of Steak’ and that’s a Cabinet position I would like to have. First I would ban well-done steak. Then I would provide steak delivery for every household in America. I would conduct diplomacy by offering the most savory steak you can imagine, solving every diplomatic crisis.” — Kathryn Watson, White House reporter, CBS digital.

Child reporters sprout up at presidential debate 

Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag: “I could do without the child reporters and their stage parents at presidential debates.”

Gabe Fleisher, a high schooler in St. Louis who writes “Wake Up To Politics,” a daily political newsletter, shot her a frown-y face. He wrote, “Ok fair. But just speaking from experience, being able to cover two 2016 primary debates (as an 8th header [Sic]) were some of the coolest experiences I’ve had in journalism and rare opportunities to get access to candidates. (And my mom wasn’t even allowed in the spin room with me!).”

(Note to readers: I’m sure he meant “8th grader.” I don’t even want to fathom what he meant by what he wrote.)

Kamala Harris spaces out CNN’s recent LGBTQ town hall 

“Three hours. Not one question about the climate crisis. Not one question about LGBTQ+ rights. Not one question about immigration. These issues are too important to ignore. #DemDebate.”

Please note… Five days ago, CNN hosted nine back to back town halls in LA with the Democratic candidates. It was billed as LGBTQ issues. She may not realize it, but Harris participated.


“Pete Buttigieg reminds me of every reason I decided not to apply to Harvard in spite of being both a legacy and a recruited athlete. I realize that’s a humblebrag but holy hell that place seemed like a cesspool of smug.” — Caroline McCarthy, contributor, Spectator USA.

The Ass Kisser

“CNN/NYT moderators Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, and Marc Lacey did a fine job tonight.” — John Harwood, CNBC, NYT.

Esquire’s liberal Charles Pierce remarked, “Sorry, John. Cooper wrecked the thung.”


WaPo Tik Tok-er gets depressed in NYC hotel lobby 

By Shutterstock.

“Been stuck waiting to check in to a NYC hotel for a half hour. One man ahead of me in line fell over from exhaustion earlier. A dog has begun barking loudly at its shadow. No one has smiled for years. If I wasn’t so depressed by this hotel maybe, also I think I died and this is hell so what’s the point.” — Dave Jorgenson, WaPo, makes Tik Tok videos.

Yang Gang in matching attire

As observed by Washington Free Beacon‘s Cameron Cawthorne.

Genius debate analysis 

“Boy is Warren carefully not saying some things here.” — Ezra Klein, Vox.

Gossip Roundup 

Trump trolls CNN’s Zucker: “Now that we have found out that ⁦‪@CNN‬⁩ is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigining momentarily?”

NYP‘s “Page Six” reporter Oli Coleman chimed in, “If Donald Trump really cared about American jobs, he wouldn’t be reporting New York media gossip himself.”

Program note: Megyn Kelly to appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. The Daily Beast‘s Lloyd Grove reports that FNC hosts Martha MacCallumSean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are not happy about it.

Program note II: On HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” this Friday: “top-of-show interview guest is @AmbassadorRice. @neiltyson is the mid-show interview guest. Roundtable guests are @dpletka, @samstein and @thomaschattwill.” — Jamie Steinberg, managing editor, Starry Mag. 

NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof is hooked on Booker: “Cory Booker is also very smart and eloquent, managing to point out deep problems while still coming across as upbeat and hopeful. He would, I think, be a very strong general election candidate.”

Should Charlize Theron get an Oscar for playing Megyn Kelly? “Can we just… wow give the Oscar to @bombshellmovie for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. @CharlizeAfrica is a force to be reckoned with!” — Johanna Beirle, publicist. See Variety‘s story here.

Fox News’s Jesse Watters slams CNN’s supposed whistleblower as “kind of a rat.” Says he’ll never get hired again. Here.

The angry tweet heard around the world: “Go read a fucking article about Gina Rodriguez history before you waste my time quote tweeting me. Don’t test my patience today, mothefucker…I am not in the mood for your anti-intellectual, unserious bullshit.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag, to The Daily Wire blogger Matt Walsh.

The story involved actress Gina Rodriguez using the n-word.

“Oh no a person with the wrong skin pigmentation sang the lyrics to a song,” Walsh tweeted at Ali. “Give me a break. You can’t really be outraged by this.”