Jonah Hill Won’t Be In ‘The Batman’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Jonah Hill won’t be starring in “The Batman.”

There had been some reports he was in talks to be the Penguin or Riddler in the upcoming movie with Robert Pattinson, but those hopes are officially dead.

According to Variety late Wednesday afternoon, the star actor “has moved on” from the film. Variety reported the reasons aren’t known right now as to why Hill stepped away from potentially being in the movie, which is scheduled to arrive in the summer of 2021. (RELATED: Jonah Hill Could Be In The Upcoming Batman Film With Robert Pattinson)


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Well, this is certainly unfortunate. I was excited when I heard speculation that Hill could be the man to be one of the famous villains in the new movie.

The guy’s acting range is truly spectacular. He can go “Superbad” to playing a baseball analytics expert in “Moneyball” to a Wall Street clown in “The Wolf of Wall Street” without missing a beat. That takes major talent.

I’m legit bummed right now. According to Deadline, Seth Rogen has some interest swirling around him but not talks have taken place to put him in the movie.

That’d be a solid get, but I’m not sure it’s as great Hill would have been. Jonah Hill just seemed like the perfect fit for a dark Batman villain with a bit of humor attached.


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Luckily, there are almost two years before the movie is supposed to hit theaters. You’d think they’d find a solid person for the role.

We’ll have to see what Hill does next. It’s a real shame he won’t be in “The Batman” with Pattinson.