Leonardo DiCaprio Was Convinced To Take ‘Titanic’ Role By This Famous Actor

(Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images)

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Actor Paul Rudd claimed he talked Leonardo DiCaprio into taking the iconic role in “Titanic.”

Rudd revealed how he talked the actor through his doubts over the film on “The Graham Norton Show,” according to a report published Thursday by E! News.

“It was my last day of filming ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and we all went out to a bar afterwards,” Rudd recalled on “The Graham Norton Show.” “I was riding to the place with Leo and he said, ‘I just got offered this movie and it’s a big movie. It’s a studio movie. It’s ‘Titanic.‘”

“I said, ‘That’s incredible,’ and I knew a lot about Titanic because my dad would just talk about it,” he added. “And we just had a conversation about it and he was saying, ‘Oh, I don’t know what I’ll do.’ And I remember saying, ‘You should do it!'” (RELATED: REPORT: Crew Members Told Not To Make Eye Contact With Leonardo DiCaprio On Set)

Rudd admitted he didn’t think he had much influence over the “The Wolf Of Wall Street” actor’s decision.

“But it is kind of interesting to think back on that. ‘Cause he did it.”

Either way, two of the best actors in Hollywood encouraging each other to do really big things is the content I like to hear about.