‘That’s A Lot Of Emails For A Wedding’: Trump Digs At Hillary From Rally Stage

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Donald Trump took direct aim at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the stage of his Dallas rally Thursday, referencing the some 33,000 emails she allegedly deleted.


Trump spent some time as he opened his remarks thanking some of the people who made his campaign possible. He mentioned his campaign manager Brad Parscale, noting how good he was with computers, and then veered off topic to attack his 2016 opponent. (RELATED: Dallas Reporter Compares Trump Crowd To Beto’s Counter-Rally — It’s Not Even Close)

The president began by touting how much less he had spent on his campaign than Clinton did, saying, “She spent like six times more on this than we did. In the olden days, my father taught me, if you can spend less, that is a good thing. If you can spend less, — so we spent much less than Hillary.”

“Crooked Hillary. Crooked Hillary,” he said to cheers from the crowd. “Where are those emails, Hillary? They may find those 33,000 emails. They’re looking. They may find those deleted emails. They may find them.”

“Remember the emails — 33,000 emails covering her gym and her daughter’s wedding. 33,000 emails, that is a lot of emails for a wedding and working out,” Trump laughed.