Is It Time For Me To Buy Property In Montana And Embrace The Ranching Lifestyle

David Hookstead (Credit: David Hookstead)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve reached a critical crossroads in my life, and I now am pondering a major decision.

As you all know, I’m now at the ripe age of 27. That means I’m an old man, and have probably already lived more than 80% of my life.

Last night, I started seriously considering if it’s time to get my ranch in Montana and fully commit to the country lifestyle. After all, that’s the life that’s wired into my DNA. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 2 Finale ‘Sins Of The Father’ Ends With Death And Hope For The Future)

I’ve bucked the system for years as I came to D.C. to dominate the internet. Yet, you can only fight fate for so long before it fully consumes you.

Needing a little help, I asked my followers if I should stay in D.C. to dominate the internet or move to Montana and get my ranch.

The results were overwhelming. 91% of people voted for me to embrace the ranching lifestyle.

Here’s the deal, folks. I built an internet empire unlike anything the world had ever seen, and I love it. Let’s be clear. I love what I do.

At the same time, my DNA and genetics is pushing me towards a ranch. There’s something about walking out in the cold Montana air with a pistol strapped to your hip and a cowboy hat on your head that is purely American.

True story, one of the biggest ranchers I know carries a .44 magnum on his hip everywhere. Where you’re among the beasts in the wild, you best be prepared for anything.

Now, some you might know this and some of you might not, but I used to live in Montana. Did I own a huge ranch while I was there?

No, but that’s not the point. The point is that I have country blood in my veins, and I can only fight it off for so long.

Eventually, you have to embrace your inner John Dutton, buy a ranch, ride around on a horse saying awesome things about life in the country, and occasionally break out the shooting iron.

Finally, we all know ranchers get the hottest women. Ladies are just attracted to the vast landscape and power that comes with owning land.

As one person told me about land and power, “Buy 25,000 acres and nobody will ever tell you what to do again. You’ll have more power than any person you’ll ever meet for the rest of your life.”

If that’s not a mindset you’re down with, then you’re no friend of mine.

A decision is on the horizon, my friends. Stay tuned because “Hookstead Ranch” might be here before you know it.*

*I fully recognize I’d be the worst rancher in the world, and would need some serious help. Still, seems like a fun gig to pursue.