Trump Mocks California For Offering Free Healthcare And Education: ‘I May Even Move There’


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President Donald Trump joked Thursday night that he may move to California if the state continues to offer free healthcare and free education during his rally in Dallas.

Trump’s comments came as part of a critique of California’s lenient policies toward illegal immigrants.

“My administration believes in a simple principle. The best way to keep foreign terrorists out of America is to deny them, just deny them admission in the first place. It’s really pretty simple,” Trump said.

“That is why I have imposed, and we had passed, and we won at the United States Supreme Court, a travel ban on some of the world’s most dangerous countries and places,” he continued.

Trump then turned his attention to Democrats and their lack of will to secure the United States border. (RELATED: Federal Judge Blocks California Law That Would Force Trump To Disclose Tax Returns)

“If Democrats seize power they would throw the floodgates wide open … We would have people coming into our country,” Trump explained. (RELATED: Democrats Push Immigration Policies That Amount To Open Borders in Second Debate)

“Look at what’s going on in California and the people of California don’t want it. They say, ‘come into California, we’ll give you free healthcare, free education …’ I may even move to California if they keep going!” Trump joked.

In June of this year, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation allowing for low-income illegal immigrants under the age of 26 to partake in the state’s Medicaid program.

Additionally, The University of California raised its price of tuition in April of 2018 for out-of-state students, a policy that will not apply to illegal aliens.

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