Fox News’ Chris Wallace: ‘Well-Connected’ Republican Told Me There’s 20% Chance Republicans Vote To Impeach

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News host Chris Wallace said that a “well-connected” Republican shared with him that there’s a 20% chance Senate Republicans vote with Democrats to impeach and remove President Donald Trump from office.

During an interview with acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Sunday, Wallace questioned the Republican support for Trump in the upcoming impeachment battle.

After mentioning lack of Republican support for Trump’s recent actions in Syria, Wallace said, “I talked to a very well-connected Republican in Washington this week, somebody whose name you would know well, who says that if the House votes to impeach, and it gets to a trial in the Senate, there is now a 20% chance, he believes, obviously it’s just an estimate, now a 20% chance enough Republicans will vote with the Democrats to remove the president.”

Mulvaney called it “absurd,” then tried to move on to Syria.

“No, let’s deal with the issue of whether Republicans … you’re losing your support,” Wallace shot back.

Mulvaney responded, saying that person doesn’t “know what they’re talking about,” then again began talking about Syria.

“Forgive me for interrupting, we are running out of time,” Wallace said, asking again, “Is there any concern that the president is losing the support of Republicans in Congress?” (RELATED: Chris Wallace Corrects Democratic Congresswoman About Impeachment Precedent)

“No, the president’s extraordinarily popular back home,” he said in response, then again pivoted to Syria.

During the interview, Wallace also grilled Mulvaney on his recent comments about Ukraine that many interpreted as admission of a “quid pro quo” on the part of the White House, which he strongly denies.

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