Jill Stein Rebuts Hillary’s Claim That She Is A Russian Agent: ‘Ludicrous, Unhinged Conspiracy Theory’


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Former presidential candidate Jill Stein rebuffed Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she is a Russian asset during an appearance Monday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


“I wonder if you’ve thought about why they’re doing this to you. You’re not a Russian agent. Why are they calling you one?” Tucker asked.

“Well, you know, clearly this is a ludicrous, unhinged conspiracy theory with no basis in fact which is intended to distract from the many reasons that the Democrats lost the 2016 election, including that they neglected Wisconsin,” Stein responded. (RELATED: Gabbard Triumphs — Initial Online Polls Say She Wins The Day)

“Hillary ran as kind of the symbol of the power structure in America: the economic and political elite. So it’s no surprise… Hillary’s rant is exhibit A for the way that the Cold War is used to stifle dissent, to crack down on people that are not toeing the line in the mainstream of this incredible military-industrial-complex, which is kind of jerking us all around and dictating our foreign policy,” Stein continued.

Stein then shed negative light on the Democratic National Committee, claiming, “The DNC is really painting its progressive competition as the enemy as if they were trying to lose the election again.” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Seem Sure If Transgender Women Should Be Considered Real Women)

Stein’s comments come in response to a podcast Hillary Clinton did with Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, in which she accused the former Green Party candidate of being a “Russian asset.”

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