A LeBron James High School Jersey Sells For $187,500 At Auction

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A LeBron James jersey sold at auction over the weekend for a stunning amount of money.

According to Darren Rovell, the jersey the three-time NBA champion wore while in high school on the cover of Sports Illustrated sold for $187,500 at auction Sunday morning.

Well, I’m glad to see there’s still a market for LeBron James’ goods and merchandise, despite the fact he’s pretty much a mouthpiece for the communist party of China. (SOURCE: ESPN Not Interested In Getting Involved In NBA/China Feud, Deadspin Memo Was ‘Misreported’)

Are we sure this sale is okay? Did the Chinese sign off on it? Has the dictatorship approved? We wouldn’t want LeBron James or anything associated with him to happen without the approval of the Chinese.

Are you sensing my sarcasm? I’m pouring it on pretty thickly. In all seriousness, the fact his jersey from high school sold for so much money is a bit mind-boggling.

It just goes to show that King James has a brand that is simply unreal. Not only was he on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a kid, but the jersey he wore went for nearly $200,000.

The Los Angeles Lakers star moves the needle in a way that we simply haven seen before outside of Michael Jordan, and I’m not even sure it’s comparable there.


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No matter what you think about LeBron James, there’s no question he’s had a monumental impact on the world of basketball and sports in general.

Having a high school jersey sell for the price of a nice boat is on another level. Now, we’ll have to see how much of the proceeds the communist party confiscates.