REPORT: Will Smith’s Movie ‘Gemini Man’ Could Lose $75 Million

(Photo by Ashley Pon/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Will Smith’s new movie “Gemini Man” is expected to lose a shocking amount of money.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film about Smith facing a younger assassin cloned after himself is expected to lose $75 million or more.

The film has made $118.7 million around the globe so far, according to the same report from THR.

Not a great look for Will Smith. Not a great look at all. He might be one of the biggest names in the game, but it’s not good when you make a film that hemorrhages money.

That’s just a fact. Making a movie that loses $75 million is the definition of a box office bomb.

The craziest part is that I thought this movie from Smith looked pretty damn good. Apparently, I was very wrong about “Gemini Man” because it’s not doing well at all.

It’s not just failing at the box office. It’s on pace to lose Paramount Pictures a ton of money.


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Luckily for Smith, he’s a big enough star that one bomb won’t have much impact at all on his career. Will it sting a bit?

Sure, will it stop Smith from continuing to get monster offers? Absolutely not.

Now, if he cranks out a few that bomb at the box office, then we’ll be having a very different conversation. Just one shouldn’t be a huge deal.