This Houston Astros Hype Video Will Pump You Up For Game 1 Of The World Series

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

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The Houston Astros will be playing the Washington Nationals in the first game of the 2019 World Series tournament Tuesday.

To help you get hyped up, I found this video edited and shared by Benjamin Onda.

Watch below:

Now, this is probably one of the best hype videos I have ever come across in sports history. The Astros have such an amazing story and this video perfectly portrays that.

The video takes fans through the story behind the development of the players into the team we saw claim the 2017 World Series title and who are here to “Take It Back” in 2019. (RELATED: This 2014 Sports Illustrated Cover Had A Pretty Wild World Series Prediction)

My favorite part of the entire hype video is where the Yankees fans are chanting “F**k Altuve” during what ended up being the final game of the American League Championship Series. Just for him to turn around and make the hit that would take the Astros to the 2019 World Series.

The video will surely leave you with chills and a new appreciation for the Houston franchise.

Whether you’re a fan of the Astros or not, you can’t say this video doesn’t have you ready to watch some really good baseball tonight.

The Washington Nationals did share some of their own videography. If you’re into that, I included it below.