Trump: ‘Vicious’ Democrats ‘Stick Together,’ Don’t Have ‘The Mitt Romneys Of The World’ To Deal With

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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President Donald Trump said during Monday night’s edition of “Hannity” that Democrats may be “vicious,” but they do stick together and don’t have renegades like Republican Utah Sen. Matt Romney to deal with.

“Look, the Democrats are not good politicians. I think they have lousy policy, they have policy of open borders and sanctuary cities and crime … I think that our lousy politicians, they have horrible policy. But you don’t have the Mitt Romneys of the world — people who will go against the party. They stick together. I respect that. The other thing is they are vicious. They are much more vicious,” Trump told Sean Hannity.

Romney remains a consistent critic of Trump and has not endorsed the president’s re-election.

Trump also said Republicans tend to not make their politics so vicious and so personal, citing how when Barack Obama was president and Republicans controlled the House of Representatives, they never thought of impeaching him but could have found many reasons for doing so.

“They could have impeached Obama for the IRS scandal, they could have impeached him for the guns all over the place and people getting killed … They could have impeached him for many different things. They didn’t impeach him. Then never even thought of impeaching  him.”(RELATED: Devin Nunes: Ukraine Will Sink Biden’s Campaign, Not Trump’s Presidency)

House Democrats are undertaking an impeachment inquiry against Trump that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi authorized weeks ago.

Although many House Democrats have been advocating impeachment against the president since he first took office, their latest effort is focused on a conversation that the president had with his Ukrainian counterpart. Democrats insist that the president threatened to cut off military assistance if the Ukrainians did not further investigate alleged misconduct by former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. (RELATED: Don Jr: ‘Unlike The Bidens, We Were International Business People Before Politics’)

transcript of the conversation does not explicitly prove that accusation.

Trump has declared that neither he nor key White House officials are prepared to cooperate with the “constitutionally illegitimate” impeachment process and he has insisted that impeachment is the “only way” that Democrats can hope to remove him as president.