Hannity Pulls No Punches In Mitt Romney Critique: ‘Milquetoast, Kind Of Weak Sanctimonious Washington Swamp Politician’

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Fox News host Sean Hannity had an “unfortunate” message for Utah Senator Mitt Romney on Tuesday night’s edition of “Hannity.”

Romney, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, of late has locked horns with the president over his July 25 call to the president of Ukraine, calling it “wrong and appalling.” The former GOP presidential nominee also made news on Sunday with the revelation of a secret Twitter account he uses to “keep tabs on the political conversation.”

“I feel very unfortunate tonight as I send a message to Mitt Romney,” Hannity said to begin the segment.

After affirming his personal like for the Utah senator and his family and his belief that Romney would have been “a much better president than Obama” in 2012, the Fox News host pulled no punches as he launched his critique.


“I don’t know what’s going on, Mitt, but honestly, you are losing it, and to me, it’s kind of sad to watch this,” said Hannity. “It’s sad to see that frankly, you are morphing into what is only a quintessential swamp, milquetoast, kind of weak sanctimonious Washington swamp politician. It’s very sad to see.”

Acknowledging the personal style differences between Trump and Romney, Hannity nevertheless contended that Democrats who are “praising” the Utah senator now for his pushback against Trump “tried to destroy” him and his family during his presidential run, a run during which most of Trump’s present supporters “went all in.”

“The left is trying to destroy this president over nothing, Mitt, nothing,” said the Fox News host. “Why are you offering any support to them?” (RELATED: Lou Dobbs Rips ‘Treacherous Fool’ Romney: ‘I Can’t Believe The People Of Utah Elected This Creep’)

After downplaying the lack of evidence in the Ukraine investigation and citing a list of Trump accomplishments, including tax cuts, Supreme Court picks, and trade deals, most of which Romney himself supported in 2012, Hannity wondered about Romney’s “motivation.” While the Utah senator may not “like the president’s style,” nevertheless “you’ve got to win elections” in order to implement “change,” Hannity contended.

“Why did you want to be Secretary of State at one point?” the Fox News host asked. “You had no problem embracing the success of President Trump ahead of your recent election. What changed? Why are you now caving to the media mob and the Democrats that like to call you a racist and misogynist? I don’t know, do you think they’re going to like you now? Or they just using you so they can get back their power to implement their policies that are probably going to destroy this country.”