Twitter Mentions Of State Rep. Who Wants To Outlaw The Word ‘B**ch’ Predictably Filled With People Calling Him A B**ch

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Massachusetts State Rep. Daniel J. Hunt filed a bill that would make it illegal in the commonwealth to call someone a “bitch.”

The bill was initially filed in May but a Tuesday hearing brought it back to the forefront — where both the bill and Hunt quickly became targets for ridicule. (RELATED: Mass. Dem’s Bill Would Impose $200 Fines, 6 Months In Jail For Using The Word ‘Bitch’)

And predictably, a large number of critics made use of the fact that the word “bitch” wasn’t illegal … yet. (RELATED: City Of Berkeley Bans Gendered Words Like ‘Manhole’ And ‘Manpower’ From Code Book)

Hunt, who claimed that he had only introduced the bill because a constituent asked him to do so, tweeted a statement explaining his position.

“One of the responsibilities of all Representatives is to serve as a conduit for direct petitions from our constituents to the General Court. It’s a long-held tradition that gives every Massachusetts resident a voice inside the halls of the State House and a chance to raise their personal interests before the legislature. While this specific instance may amuse some and alarm others, it remains a important process for self-representation,” the statement read.

The responses varied some, but most simply called Hunt varying degrees of bitch.

Others suggested that even if he was trying to make a point about making the process accessible to his constituents, he could have been selective enough to make an example of a bill that wasn’t a violation of the First Amendment.