After Two Weeks Of Research, We Found The Best Value In Robotic Vacuums So You Don’t Have To (UPDATED)

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Ever wish you could sit back and watch your favorite shows while a robot cleans your house? With a robotic vacuum, you won’t need to lift a finger to get your floors looking super clean. But not all vacuums are created equal, and choosing the right one can be difficult, so we’ve picked some our favorites so you have someplace to start. Best of all, we are constantly scouring the internet for the best options to help keep your smart home clean the smart way. Aspects we considered when evaluating robot vacuums include aesthetic,suction power, features, usability, battery life, and customer reviews. With that in mind, here are our most recent picks, all available on Amazon:

Most Features

You can truly set it and forget it with this vacuum, which empties the dust bin on its own. The latest Roomba model also has a 3-stage cleaning system and provides up to 40x the suction power of older models. This robot learns and adapts to your home, and it’s Wi-Fi connected so you can control it from anywhere with your smartphone. But it’ll definitely set you back – at $1,299, this is one of the priciest robotic vacuums on the market. It’s worth it though. Reviewers note that its easy to use as you just “fill it’s tank and pop in its cleaning pad and it starts cleaning when Roomba is done vacuuming!” This same reviewer praised “My floors have never been cleaner!” Others have said, “If you are familiar with the Neato D7, this Roomba combines the Neato’s D shape with all of Roomba’s top-of-the-line cleaning abilities. My Neato D7 had a lot of navigation issues when my pets moved around and would get stuck in between chair legs.” Just beware that while this vacuum has the most features, some reviewers note minor mechanical issues, but with the warranty this shouldn’t be a huge issue.

My Personal Pick:

Reviewers compliment the job it does “on hardwood floors and how it moves from hardwood to area rug easily.” One reviewer also noted that this vacuum really “cleans every space in the house, even those hard to reach places like under the sofa and under the bed. It does not just pick up dirt, it also removes the roughness from our tile flooring , you can really feel the difference. It transitions from hard floor to area rugs without a hitch.” Others have said great things like, “It is very quite and has great suction. As you can see in the dust images I posted with the review it picks up very fine dust which a broom cannot pick up. The barrier feature is pretty neat and I use it in my kids room as they have many small lego toys which would be eaten by the vaccum. This vac is also very slim and manages to go under my couches which really helps clean all the dust.” But that’s not why it’s my personal favorite. It’s my personal favorite because I happen to own one, and the cool blue design always garners me compliments from friends, while also cleaning my house without much user input. It also enjoys over 80% 5 star ratings and is rated 4.8 stars for its money value. At under $250, this is my personal recommendation, but all of these vacuums could work for you depending on your needs and budgets.

The Most User Friendly (And Possibly Coolest) 

Perhaps this may freak you out but this vacuum is really really smart! All of the robot vacuums on this list have smart AI, but this one can operate and see in total darkness with highly accurate HD maps generated by the LDS LIDAR. The vacuum can also auto recharge, and has anti collusion and anti drop sensors to ensure it doesn’t fall or damage furniture. This may seem pretty invasive, but you can custom the vacuum and create privacy with ease as the vacuum can be controlled and set remotely via an app and you can set permanent off limit areas, custom cleaning schedules, and more at the touch of a button. Customers have left great reviews of this product.  One has even said, “I have brought couple robot vacuum for my family in the past, and this one is pretty smart. Saves me a lot of cleaning time and I can control it where ever I am. I do recommend getting the app. This way you will get to use all the features.” Oh, and if that is not enough, it’s only $349.99 if you use the $20.00 coupon code on the product page!

Best Value

This was the vacuum I chose for myself after hours of research, in part because of the excellent customer reviews on Amazon. It received an average rating of 4.5/5 stars from more than 900 customers, and I love it too. It’s perfect for hard floors or carpets. You won’t get WiFi functionality, but it does come with a remote. It also delivers powerful 1500Pa suction, senses obstacles, includes boundary strips, and comes at a great price. Customers love the functionality of this vacuum.  One reviewer has said, “The set-up could not be easier. I love that it came with a quick start guide so I could use it right away. Considering I vacuum almost daily, I was astonished at how much dog fur, hair, dust, and crumbs it collected. It easily slide under my sofa, under the kitchen island, tables, etc.” This vacuum retails for $269.99, and you can clip a $20 coupon at Amazon to drop your total to just $239.99.

Budget Option

Ignore the listed price above. Right now at Amazon, you can clip a $30 coupon to drop the price of this vacuum to just $149.99. While you’ll get slightly less suction with this 1400Pa vacuum, this robot includes most of the same features as the Eufy. It works for hard floors and carpets and includes a 1-year warranty. It also received an average rating of 4.5/5 stars from more than 400 customers.  Customers love this vacuum.  One has said, “I love how efficient this vacuum cleaner is! Its super easy to use. Offers a variety of settings.”  If you find yourself having little time to do household tasks with your busy schedule, this is definitely the vacuum for you.

The Original Favorite Option:

The iRobot roomba brand has been one of the most popular and oldest robot vacuum brands for a reason. ” I left my floor dirty so as soon as I got it I could see the thing in action. I opened it, set it up, named him Spot. Set his home base and let him charge until my daughter went to bed. Then I set Spot loose. At first I was super excited and as he went about his cleaning I got less and less impressed. First I noticed he was flinging dirt and crushed goldfish with his little spinning bristle brush (not the one under but the one that reaches to one side) he bumped a lot and would turn totally around and go again. Not a big deal because that’s how they work, but I noticed with this he was missing a lot of areas.” That was just one reviewer, but several more noted the suction power and technical support of this vacuum make it well worth it.

Ultra Budget Option:

Want to try out a robot vacuum but don’t want to spend hundreds? This ILIFE v3 has over 2000 reviews but I think the best positive review that summarizes its benefits is as follows: “What a deal for the price! I didn’t have high expectations when I bought this so I am actually thrilled with this little robot. First of all – it was very easy to set up. Remote and timer and clock all pretty easy if you follow the directions. Having said that let’s get to how the robot works. Will this replace my Dyson Animal? Oh no – it will not. Will it make me happy in the morning when I go downstairs and there isn’t a crumb on the kitchen floor? Oh yes – it does! I have two large English Labs – bred for their thick coats. Hair around here is a nightmare. Every Single Day I used to wake up and go downstairs and there would be hair piles everywhere. My floors are all wide plank natural cherry wood and I would walk around with my cordless handheld sucking up hair frequently. I would never find it all and then it would accumulate again and, well, if you have Labs / dogs you know the drill. I do have low profile large area rugs and this does an ok job on them. That’s what I will use the Dyson on – weekly instead of every second or third day. This robot saves me a whole lot of time.I set it for 11:00 pm and I can’t really hear it if I’m upstairs and the tv is on.” The only negative aspect I found people mention was that sometimes the vacuum was difficult to use or program but the tech support is apparently really helpful and helped alot of customers stay satisfied. And for it’s low price, I think that speaks to alot!

Best Runner Up:

Not every vacuum can make this list, and while this vacuum didn’t seem to fit any of the categories that I considered, I did want to take some time to recognize it for being a solid vacuum across the board. It isn’t perfect and nothing really stands out about the vacuum, but reviewers note that the “R7065 has outstanding suction and has no problem picking up deeply embedded dog hair from my carpet.” Others have left sentiments like, “the vacuum is very good. We have two small dogs and hair was a problem given we were vacuuming weekly and it wasn’t keeping up. My wife was very sceptical with the purchase since it was $650. Ask her now, and she will tell you it is a life changer”!  Customers biggest complaints are that it doesn’t seem to cover the entire coverage map advertised, so I would say if you only plan on cleaning a small room or area, this may make the list, and should be considered!

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