‘It’s A Disgrace’: Donald Trump Jr. Blasts ‘Shifty Schiff’ And His ‘Banana Republic’-Style Impeachment Inquiry

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Donald Trump Jr. pulled no punches describing the tactics used in the ongoing impeachment inquiry led by California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. He described them as something that would be “pretty bad” if they were happening in a “Banana Republic.”

Appearing Wednesday night on Fox News’ “Hannity,” the Trump Organization executive vice president defended his father, President Donald Trump, as being the victim of another “hoax” investigation.


Describing himself as possibly “the number two target” of the Mueller Russia investigation, Trump Jr. told Fox News host Sean Hannity that we now “have it again,” except this time not “out in the open.”

The president’s son then had a few words to describe Schiff:

You have one person controlling all the information, Shifty Schiff. That’s the same guy who likely changed the dates on my email to create all the bombshells that we saw on CNN … This is a guy that was leaving my testimony every 30 minutes and then I get to read about it concurrently with those bathroom breaks on CNN seven or eight hours later. It’s just nonsense and it’s going on again and I’m surprised that the media who has been so vocal about not wanting democracy to die in darkness … they’re totally fine with this being and going on in total darkness. It’s a disgrace.

Calling the California congressman a “pathological, congenital liar,” Hannity added that Schiff is a “material witness in the case” who has been telling “lies and conspiracy theories.”

“What, he’s going to investigate himself?” Trump Jr. asked rhetorically, calling Schiff “literally one of the major root causes, as far as I’m concerned, of this three year process” who not long ago was “taking calls from Ukrainian shock jocks.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr. Gets The Last Laugh In Twitter War With Kamala Harris)

“This is not a guy that I trust to do anything, let alone run this process, and no one is actually doing anything about it,” Trump Jr. added before praising Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and the other GOP reps who attempted to walk in on the closed hearings Wednesday.

Trump Jr. called the inquiry a “telephone game of nonsense proportions” in which the media “gets that first swipe,” from Schiff “and they get to run with it as though it’s a fact.”

The American public should be sick of this kind of crap. This shouldn’t be going on here. If this was going on in a Banana Republic, we would say ‘that’s pretty bad.’ It’s going on in the United States of America. It’s going on in Congress, and it’s enough.