JT Lewis Lost His Brother At Sandy Hook — He Says Biden Is Lying About ‘Visiting Every Family’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joseph Theodore (JT) Lewis claimed former Vice President Joe Biden is lying when he says in his new ad that he visited with all the families of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims.

Lewis, who lost his brother Jesse (then just 6 years old) that day, said that it was former President Barack Obama who made sure to visit with every family, not Biden. (RELATED: Republican 19-Year-Old Brother Of Sandy Hook Victim Running For State Senate In Connecticut)

“This is a lie. Obama came to Sandy Hook and met with every family. Joe Biden DID NOT,” Lewis tweeted. “In fact, my family was not allowed on Air Force One because we refused to support Obama/Biden gun control efforts.”

“Joe Biden just claimed that he came to Sandy Hook after the shooting and met with every family who lost someone. It was actually Obama who did that, NOT Joe Biden. Biden also thought he was VP when Parkland happened. @JoeBiden is either a liar or he’s losing his mind,” Lewis continued.

“Biden has no idea what he’s talking about. He thought he was VP during Parkland and thought he met with every family during Sandy Hook. Not a good quality in a presidential candidate,” Lewis told the Daily Caller.

Biden said in the ad, produced by Giffords PAC, that he believed he had visited with every family after Sandy Hook. “What really got to me though, really firsthand, was what happened up at Sandy Hook. I think I met with every one of the parents and/or the families of those who were lost.”